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Polygnite is an organic matrix system , which is laminated with an fibreglass scrim to create a laminate composite, with similar properties to polyester fibreglass (GRP), but with excellent fire resistant properties and a natural white organic surface.
Polygnite with combination of different fillers , pigments and additives will give a diverse range of finishes from marble, to alabaster to sandstone. Various surface textures, from smooth satin to a rough aged stone effect can be achieved.Polygnite is used primarily as an alternative to polyester fibreglass (GRP) and as a thin-skin, low weight replacement for glass reinforced concrete (GRC) in interior building applications. Polygnite can be laminated, applied as a gelcoat, cast into a range of moulds or sprayed or applied onto formers. Polygnite can be used for architectural elements, model making, production of masters, mother mould casings, reproduction sculpture and special effects.


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